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This is the nxt Engineering handbook. It defines our priorities and the contains the guidelines, in which we shape our way of work. It is supplemental to the contract of employment, but it's not legally binding.


  1. Company: The basic principles nxt is built upon.

  2. People: Rights and duties of our employees.

  3. Infrastructure: All about hard- and software and our infrastructure.

  4. Handbook: This is a meta chapter about the role of the handbook, how it is meant and that changes can be suggested by everyone.

Suspended Parts

Parts of the handbook might be marked as ⏸, which means they are suspended (i.e. not active at the moment). The reason should be described there too. The suspension of that part of the handbook should be lifted as soon as the circumstances that lead to the suspension are not active anymore.

Last update: June 22, 2022