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Corporate Identity


Our company's legal name is "nxt Engineering GmbH". In marketing material and in spoken language we call ourselves just "nxt". The official domain is (See Website below).

Brand "nxt"

Our brand is called "nxt". We write it in lower-case letters. Even at the beginning of a sentence and in titles. We usually don't emphasize our brand.


Our main email address for German content is "". Our main email address for English content is "". The email addresses of our employees in publications shall be in the form "".


To protect the privacy and spare-time of our employees, we try not to hand out personal mobile phone numbers. This also helps with deputy organization. Therefore, we only hand out our nxt phone number.


In marketing material we usually only use our email address and don't mention our website explicitly. In on-screen media, we always use "" as base URL for links. In on-screen text, where we can link the text, we use "" as website. But if we can’t link, e.g. in an image or in print, we use "" to indicate, that this is a website.

External Communication

We use simple and direct language. We rather use the actual technical terms than marketing-speech or buzzwords. In marketing material, we communicate in formal language with our customers ("Sie" in German).

Internal Communication

In internal communication we use informal language ("Du" in German). Internal communication, regulations, documentation and other documents are in English, and in German if necessary. Announcements are created in English and German. Legal documents are created in German. The Collaboration Tools section describes which tools we use for the internal communication.

Last update: September 1, 2022