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Getting Started

New employees will get a godparent, who will help them with the incorporation and who is their go-to person in case of uncertainties and questions.

First Day

On their first day, employees shall be introduced to the nxt culture and values: Who are our customers, what are our current projects, and what have we planned for the future?

They will be shown their workspace, where they shall have ample time to install themselves. This includes setting up the tools and accounts to begin working at nxt.

New employees are invited to lunch with their co-workers.

The afternoon shall be used to inform the world about our new employee(s). Employees shall add their profile to our website by creating their first commit at nxt. They shall be assisted with this task by their respective godparent. A merge request shall be created by the new employees and reviewed subsequently. When everything looks good, the employees shall merge the merge requests and thereby deploy to the website.

The last thing for the day shall be an individual mini retro, where the first day will be recapped together: What went well? What did not go so well? What can nxt improve?

First Week

All new employees shall be introduced to the projects, on which they will work. They shall get time to acquire the necessary skills for these projects accompanied by appropriate tasks to get started. We shall provide useful learning material, so that they can start as efficiently as possible.

After the first week, we shall have another individual mini retro, so that new employees can finish their first week with all questions answered and so that nxt can improve the onboarding experience for future employees to come.

Last update: September 1, 2022