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Team Events

Our goal is to come together once a month and have a good time. Anyone who has an idea for a team event is welcomed to bring it up. Some past events include visiting a nuclear power plant, escaping from a prison, celebrating our first birthday or simply going out for dinner.

Company Weekends

Our goal is to have two trips each year with all employees. One trip is a recreational weekend where your partner is invited as well. The other is meant to develop nxt. Topics will be defined on demand (development, further training, reflection). We try to travel by public transport (or carsharing) to reduce our ecological footprint.

Other Events

Additional events (such as office openings, Christmas parties) can be suggested by any employee. Also feel free to organize an event for personal celebrations, such as your birthday, when you graduate, before you leave for an extended period, etc. The company will be glad to sponsor drinks and snacks.

Last update: September 1, 2022