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Working Part Time

Within nxt, if you choose to work part-time, you must choose between the two models explained below.

Model A: Fixed Day(s) Off

You choose the day(s) you would like to have off. This grants you the right to not being available for the company on this day (or these days, respectively). You can work for another employer (with nxt's permission) or do whatever else you like. The drawback is that public holidays, which happen on your off-day(s), don't reduce your annual work hours.

Wednesday is nxt-day

You can choose any day(s) of the week except Wednesday to be your day(s) off. Wednesday is reserved for team meetings and synchronizing.

Example A

  • «Monday, May 1st, 2023» is a Swiss public holiday.
  • You chose to work part-time, 80%.
  • Your off-day of choice would be Monday.

You would have the right to stay away every Monday and nxt would have no right to call you in on any Monday. Even though the public holiday falls on a Monday, it would not impact your annual work hours at nxt. Your other employer – should you have one – would have to grant you that day off.

Model B: Reduction of daily work duration

You choose to reduce the amount of time that you work each day. Which means that in turn you're generally available all days of the work-week (i.e. Monday to Friday). You profit from all the public holidays as you would if you worked full time, but pro-rated.

You can even choose to do overtime some days of your week and compensate on the other day(s). But you may only do that if this works with your current project/team. nxt still has the right to call you in on any of the working days.

The reason is that in Swiss law, it is the right of the employer to decide upon the vacation and compensation days of an employee. An employee may certainly voice his/her preferences and the employer should try to respect them. But ultimately it's the employers call.

Example B

  • «Monday, May 1st, 2023» is a Swiss public holiday.
  • You chose to work part-time, 80%.
  • You chose to reduce the amount of time you work every day accordingly, i.e. to 6.4h (80% of 8h).

You may have chosen to stay away on Mondays in general and work 8h Tuesday to Friday. (In other words, you'd (pre-)compensate your overtime every Monday.) So overall, you would be working just enough hours every week.

A holiday like May 1st, 2023 – a Monday – would reduce your annual work hours by 6.4h. (You get a free day off.)

But if nxt needed you to be available on a regular Monday (e.g. May 8th, 2023), you would be required to come in. You must then compensate on another day that works with your team/project.


With the Model A: Fixed Day(s) Off, you…

  • (+) …have your off-day(s) guaranteed.
  • (-) …may not profit from all public holidays. (At least not at nxt.)

With the Model B: Reduction of daily work duration, you…

  • (+) …profit from all public holidays.
  • (-) …may have to work 5 days per week still, if required.

Last update: January 16, 2023