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Time Tracking

In order to be able to understand how efficient we are and what our customers pay us for, we need to keep track of the time we spend. This helps you as an employee as well: We don't want you to make overtime (in general). Please respect your spare time and use it to relax, keep yourself in shape or whatever it is you like doing when you're not working.


We want to be able to report to our customers (and also to nxt itself) what kind of work we did. To ensure this, we have the following principles regarding time tracking:

  • Record all the time you work for nxt.
  • Make sure your time logs are comprehensible (either from the context or with a comment).
  • Track your time by the end of the day.

These principles cover the basics. A project may have more precise rules regarding time tracking.


The specific ruleset is described in our wiki.

Last update: September 1, 2022